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Every region has their own real estate regulators and in Ontario, Canada it's called RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario).

RECO is fairly strict when you compare them to their sibling organizations in the states, but still allow realtors room for some creativity. 

Most of their guidelines are directed towards business cards, promo flyers, and advertising real estate agent services. While it's not directly applicable to our flyers, it's still important to keep in mind when writing the content for your feature sheets. 

The only way to get in trouble is if someone (likely another realtor) reports you to RECO. Consequences include a simple cease and desist - giving you time to fix your mistake. On the more serious side they can dish out sanctions, suspend your license, and even take you to court. 

Rule #1) Clearly identify your name on the feature sheet - no nicknames here. Somewhere in close poximity you must your declare your RECO authorized title - usally "Salesperson", "Real Estate representative"" or "Broker. You're not allowed to use "associate broker" or other derivatives. 

Rule #2) Clearly state your broker on the flyer. You may use the term "brokerage" or "real estate brokerage" or the french equivalents. 

Rule #3) Before posting your flyer or printing your feature sheet you must get permission in writing from the seller to feature the property. 

Rule #4) Say what you mean, mean what you say. This is a common theme by RECO which translates to not misleading the buyers. Just be explicit in everything you say. 

Rule #5) Keep it legible, but you shouldn't have an issue if you're using our templates, since all our fonts are sized for legibility. 

Rule #6) Don't mention anything that might give away the names of identifying the parties selling the property. Don't allude to any facts that might lead the identification of the sellers.

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