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Frequently Asked Questions


How many times can I use the flyer?

Once your download the PDF template it is yours to keep forever to use on as many properties as you like. You can also use the flyer on different computers, but if your flyer is being used across 5 or more computer it will get blocked and you'll have to contact us to unlock the file. Drop us a line if you need more than 5 licenses.

What program do I use to edit these templates?

You need to download Adobe Reader (available for both the Mac and the PC). Chances are you probably already have it on your computer.

I've downloaded Adobe Reader! Now what?

Double click to open the file and start editing! Checkout the documentation section for more info

How quickly can I edit these templates?

If you have all the copy and images prepared you can build a completely customized solution within 5 minutes.

Can I change the layout of these templates?

Unfortunately to make real estate templates easy to edit you have make the layout as rigid as possible. You can't move blocks of text or images around the template, but contact us and see if our support team can help you out. 

Can I exchange if for another template?

Of course! Send us an email and we'll send you the template you want 

What can't edit on the template

You can't edit the font, colors, or overall layout of the document. But you can edit all the text and all the images.

Do you accept credit cards?

Of course! All transactions are handled over our secured 128 bit SSL encryption and we accept all major credit cards.

Can I send the brochure to prospective buyers?

Yes, all you have to do is email the flyer to that person and they can open the PDF easily.

My flyer's file size is huge, can I make it any smaller?

When you put your own images in the flyer they are not compressed in anyway (so they can be printed at maximum quality). Go to PDF Compressor, upload your PDF flyer, and it will compress your file. It will also remove any editing functionality of the flyer, which is good, since you don't want clients editing your feature sheets.

Have another question?

Do you have another question on our real estate flyers? Please email us and we'll answer as fast as we can.

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