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We got a lot of request for more "sidebar" oriented real estate feature sheets, so we released a modified version of our popular Sidebar flyer. It's a clean brochure with ample room for listing the features of the property and it's just as easy to edit as our other real estate flyers.

It also includes an area in the footer when you can tidy away any disclaimers or legal statements that your broker might require to add to any of your promotional material. 

Although it may not have as many images as some of our more photo heavy flyers it makes up for it 2 different ways

  1. Save on printing costs for not printing as many photos. Of course if you are getting it professionally printed this usually doesn't matter
  2. Expansive area for text to help sell the home to prospective buyers. You can list the dimensions of the property, explain the property using paragraphs or mention the amenities of the unit/home. 

If you have a request for a flyer or have a question, we're always here to answer your questions

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